Almost an entire year ago I had taken a fashion photography class. At the time I didn’t know where I wanted to go with my work, all I knew was that I wanted to take pictures. So I had dabbled in various areas of work; retail, products, food. Experimenting was fun and I definitely learned a lot but I knew I had to narrow it down and specialize in something. In all actuality when I scheduled for fashion I thought nothing of it. I had heard that it was a great class to take for new lighting techniques.

Beginning of the class I hadn’t considered being a fashion photographer. When I thought of fashion photography I thought of over the top settings and ridiculous posing like in America’s Next Top Model. For most assignments I continued working on my portraits, it wasn’t until I started working on the final project did I attempt fashion.

My original concept was create a series to exemplify the outrageous scenes of fashion. From there I started planning. I went shopping with my stylist, we went to GoodWill and only spent about $40 for five outfits that needed minor alterations. I called up my old roommate, Taylor, who had experience modeling and she was more than happy to help. The set was in the basement of my dorm, on a eerie stairwell. I had my stylist do Taylor’s hair and makeup; really done up, teased, black hair extensions, dark and bold makeup. It took maybe an hour to set up. We went through the shoot, various poses and compositions up and down the stairwell. By the end of the shoot I was confident I had all my images. In a matter of days I finished editing and the project was finished. All that was left was to wait for critique.

The critique was better than had expected. While I listened to feedback and the different interpretations of my images I slowly started to realize that fashion was something I wanted to continue. From starting the assignment in a mockery of fashion and ending with finding my new passion. I shared my realization with the class and said that I felt like a hypocrite. I remember my instructor saying “no you’re not a hypocrite, you just evolved.” That one sentence I’ve held onto for a year. I have evolved. From then on I think my work really started to bloom, I started to develop as an artist. In that moment I found my direction, my passion.