It is coming up on the end of the quarter for me with classes. I’m in the process of finishing my projects for finals. (Be sure to check out my Facebook page for the finished work.) My one project was working on men’s fashion. I started out by scheduling shoots with six different guys, each with their own sense of style.

Working with men, especially for men’s fashion, is a gray area for me. The majority of my portfolio is currently mostly women, but I really want to reach outside of my comfort zone. Posing and styling men is much different then styling women. The concept felt backwards to me. When posing a woman you want to have her positioned in a way that is flattering to her figure, like angling her shoulders away from the camera to make her appear smaller. With men you can flex the rules and have them pose head on towards the camera, giving the appearance of broader shoulders for a more masculine look.

I had to do a lot of research to begin to feel comfortable before the actual shoot. Once in the studio, I had a bumpy start, but soon fell into my groove. The styling and posing was definitely foreign to me but men might even be easier to work with than women! Instead of focusing on small beauty details for women, I paid more attention to the body structure of a man. The shoulders, jawline, arms; the whole body didn’t have to be daintily posed which made it feel more relaxed.

At the moment, I am currently in the middle of shooting, I only have 3 more models to shoot. So far, stepping out of my comfort zone has been an enjoyable learning experience, which doesn’t always happen as we all know! It just goes to show we should always try new things and always experiment with the uncomfortable! The results will be worthwhile!

Be sure to check out my Facebook page for my final projects! Also coming up soon, watch for my road trip to Georgia during spring break! There will be many images to come and even some sneak peaks of my new shoot!